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Throughout this fertility journey, no matter how much life has thrown at me, I will remember my blessings & affirmations each day.

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The Fun Week

I’m currently CD7, thus beginning the week of fun (as I refer to it because of all the nookie that will ensue). AF is over and the hormones are not making me lose my mind, so all should be well in the universe, right? But why don’t I feel like myself?

I’ve received wonderful news this week that 2 of my fellow TTCers are pregnant! These girls have been through the ringer, suffered multiple losses, have been trying for years.  Their news warms my heart & reminds me to keep pushing towards the goal. Because it is attainable.  I’m reminded by my newly prego friend to remember that ‘patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.’  Perhaps I need to write this down and post it on my bedroom wall…

So, once again it remains a struggle to remain in that Zen, peaceful state of mind. But I can’t give up even though I’m feeling slightly defeated and tired of this process today. When the rain started to fall this afternoon, the sound was calming. Its reminded me a fresh beginning. A mini one.



News, news, news: CD5, lovely AF is on her way out of the building, which means this is my last day of the fish food!  My DH went and got his SA done on Friday (thank you Jesus), so FX the results are given to us on Monday. Starting tomorrow, I’ll be doing the castor oil packs recommend by my acupuncturist. I’m excited about this for several reasons. 1) its holistic and isn’t going to harm my body 2) its easy & cheap 3) I think its really going to help. Here’s a link to a YouTube video on castor oil packs:

Castor Oil Packs Video

On a side note, I’m thankful its a bright & sunny (warm too) day. Unfortunately, with my DH zonked out still because of his eye surgery meds, we aren’t enjoying it much :/

Infertility Awareness

So, I’ve been wanting to do a post about Infertility Awareness Week (or month). What reminded me of this first, were my friends on Facebook who have bravely acknowledged it. Secondly, Laboratory Professionals Week always falls on the same week as Infertility week…..(I happen to fall into both categories) and I was reminded of Lab Week at my DH’s eye appt at the hospital yesterday.

Infertility is a bitch. There, I said it. Infertility isn’t just the inability to get pregnant. This is very important to understand and recognize. Since embarking on my TTC journey back in 2009, I’ve been extremely fortunate to virtually (and physically) meet a ton of women who understand the struggles I am going through and WILL go through on my path to have a child.  I’ve met woman who are the strongest people I’ve known in my entire life actually.  Baby loss / pregnancy loss is a huge part of the infertility battle, one that doesn’t exactly get talked about as openly as it should. This journey is SUCH a personal struggle, battle, path that we all need to be mindful of those around us in everyday life.  There is a strikingly good chance that a close friend of yours has struggled with infertility.  Maybe their spoiled only-child is the result of years of ttc and loss. Please consider this & be mindful when those around you seem sad, distant, depressed and reach out your hand to them. Please don’t judge or taunt a young married couple as to when are they ever going to start having children. 

Here are some website that may be interesting or useful for gaining come knowledge on this subject:

Infertility Awareness Week 2012

CDC Fertility Stats

After a Miscarriage


Today, I’m thankful my husband can see.  He had PRK yesterday, which is like LASIK, and I was a nervous Nancy. More nervous than him I think… but when he walked out of the little room and wasn’t blind, I let out a sigh of relief. I know its impractical to think he would be blind from a relatively simple procedure, but that still didn’t ease my fear.

So now he’s enjoying a few days off from work & I’m more than happy to have him home. I can’t imagine life without my glasses….but honestly….I’m fine with that!



I started my Phase 1 Jade Moon herbs today. I use them from cycle day 1 (when my period begins) until my period is over. It comes in a little bottle with an  eyedropper. It tastes like liquid sh@*

I tried my first dosage (1 1/2 dropper full, 2x a day) today in my breakfast smoothie. Meh, it didn’t taste great but it was definitely tolerable.  Round two went into a cup of decaf green tea. This was a massive FAIL. I managed to drink it all but it was rough. My DH says all these herbal supplements smell like fish food…..and he is right. I sort of have a new found respect for fish.

Here is the link to the website I get my herbs: Crane Herb Company

So today I am thankful my AF typically lasts only 5 days.

Onto May…

I haven’t posted in awhile so knew I should update. Unfortunately, there isn’t much to update.  I am 15 dpo and waiting for AF to arrive.  I was struggling with the month of April since the beginning, since it had been a very traumatic month for me in the past.  So here’s to the month of May.

Today, I’m thankful that I’m feeling really good. I’m thankful my cycles have been so much better & healthier thanks to acupuncture, the dietary changes I’ve made, and the herbal supplements I’ve been using. I’m thankful I haven’t had to see a doctor yet to help with fertility, and remain hopeful I won’t have to.

YouTube & TTC

Tonight, I am thankful for YouTube. Yes I said it. I was in bed rewatching one of my favorite TTCers videos { actually one where she was quizzing her DH on TTC lingo and conception processes } and gently persuaded my own hub to watch it ( reluctantly ) with me. It ended up sparking a great fertility / pregnancy / sperm conversation that was really insightful & bonding for us.

On a side note, 11dpo…. FX, please pray this is our month.


“Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.

Thanks, Aristotle, for that insight. Patience is a virtue i think alot of us struggle with. “Lord, give me patience now!” Is a common “funny” quote I see float around Facebook, blogs, church, etc. but its a pretty honest statement. I’m calling myself out on it. I know that all the cliches apply. Good things do come to those who wait….but the waiting can be difficult. It all comes back to remaining calm, trusting in God (or whatever concept of a higher being you recognize) and yourself, and honestly just keeping your mind off of it. I am not the best at this, but am trying to do better.

So Aristotle, you were right. Its hard to remain patient month after month, year after year, but the end result from all that patience and steadfastness will be worth it.

Positive thoughts reap positive results…

I’d like to bring back the quote from an earlier post, because today I need it. Also, I’m adding a new one to the mix. {I have modified the first quote}

Worrying will not change or affect the outcome, which is already decided by God.

You become what you think about. Negative thoughts reap negative results. If you think positive thoughts, you will get positive results.

Since Friday, I seem to have lost some of my peace & calm. My acupuncture session last week was great, calming, positive. Then the “hormones” started to creep in and with the onset of a couple crappy days, I lost my Zen. I’ve been reading my childbirth, meditation, etc books each night, eating right, but can’t seem to get back in the right mindset yet. I’m not stressed in the slightest though. So today I am thankful for the quotes above which have resurfaced at the right time.  Also for decaf green tea, in moderation of course. 🙂


Hormones, hockey & baseball

Yeah, raging hormones + hot 85 degree weather baseball game + a hubby obsessed with spending $122 on hockey tickets = stress

I had to remind myself to take my grumpy pants off numerous times today, which proved difficult since i was wearing a dress. Today, I’m thankful for pajamas, fro-yo and air conditioning!

6dpo and FEELING IT!

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