Daily Blessings

Throughout this fertility journey, no matter how much life has thrown at me, I will remember my blessings & affirmations each day.

Finding My Own Path

I made a vlog this morning on one of my other websites discussing my feelings & thoughts about this cycle. I shared some insights, a few frustrations, a little confusion, and what i tentatively would like to do in the next week. A few hours later {and after some more introspection} I decided to get caught up on my daily fertility radio station passage for the day: Following Your Inner Guidance    It fit perfectly for what I am {and have been} going through on this “new” fertility journey.

I feel myself at an almost constant conflict between heart and mind, and I usually let my mind win. But fertility and my path to having a child isn’t an analytical procedure like a test I’d perform in the lab. My mindset as a scientist, by career, overshadows my feelings in my heart many times. If there is a problem, there’s a solution. Sometimes critical thinking and problem solving aren’t the answers to why i’m not pregnant. And I know for some of my friends, its difficult to give me advice because I am battling between what seems like 2 separate personalities. The mind-thinking part wants answers, wants to try everything to fix the problem, over-analyses everything, lives in fear. The heart-minded part of me, which listens to my intuition, is vastly different. And this is the part of my soul that I’m desperately trying to listen to and nurture more on this path. Its a Jekyll & Hyde type scenario happening inside me.

So for my friends who casually read this blog, please be patient with me. Please encourage me and support my decisions or my lack of decisions. It may not always make sense to you but i am learning as I go too. For my blog friends & TTCer followers, please listen to your heart. Accept modern medicine and all it can help you with, if you need it. But work on yourself first & make decisions with a sense of peace, not fear or desperation.

So, here are some key points & notes I took from the session:

Recognizing the difference between Fear or desperation-based decision making vs. Knowing or love-based decision making

Not being afraid to make decision based on how you feel deep in your heart.

Insight: follow your intuition.

Deciding from within, what your path is.

No one outside of you knows what’s best for you, only you do.

Finding a way to still the mind, and not make decisions based on fear, but rather listening to your heart and following your own fertility path.

Find stillness, look within, and you’ll be lead on your path.


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2 thoughts on “Finding My Own Path

  1. i know things are a little hard this cycle, but i know that in listening to your heart and gut in combination with your mind is going to get you where you need to be. have faith in yourself and your body. you are so much stronger than you know!

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