Daily Blessings

Throughout this fertility journey, no matter how much life has thrown at me, I will remember my blessings & affirmations each day.

A little snack


ooey gooey

Yes, I have a cheese addiction. But this recipe uses Weight Watcher string cheese so its ok! Right?

I used 3 string cheese sticks cut in half & placed them in the freezer until frozen. Then, you dip each stick into flour, egg wash, then a breadcrumb or Panko mixture….then back in the freezer. The breadcrumb coating I used was: Italian breadcrumbs, a little Italian seasoning, & a little Creole seasoning (thanks Alicia).  You could use an Italian breadcrumb + panko mixture with parsley also.

Heat the oven to 400 degrees. Line your baking sheet with aluminum foil & spray lightly with a cooking spray.  Once the sticks are frozen (doesn’t take long), place them on the baking sheet and spray the tops lightly with a smidge more spray. Let ’em bake for 4-5, turn them, cook for another 4-5 minutes. Keep an eye on them before they start to ooze cheese (as mine did).

I ate all 6!


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One thought on “A little snack

  1. jen77777 on said:

    I’m a cheese-aholic too! Nomnomnomnomnomnomnom… 🙂

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