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Throughout this fertility journey, no matter how much life has thrown at me, I will remember my blessings & affirmations each day.

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My Fertility Yoga Routine

**Thank you Yoga 4 Fertility for letting me borrow these pictures 🙂





If you don’t own a bolster, use 2 bed pillows. This is what I use and it works pretty well. You may also need to add one for your head. Legs Up The Wall is my favorite by far. I really suggest it to anyone, TTC or not. It promotes circulation to your ute and all those important organs. Plus its great for lower back pain.


side view of Legs Up The Wall

I do this “routine” in my bedroom, dark is good, with the door shut so no one {including furry & curious friends} bothers me.


4dpo – Thoughts

Today, I am 4dpo (days past ovulation). Like last month, I think I will quit temping in order to remain calm & not overthink things. I tend to overanalyze my chart, compare it to previous charts, compare it to other people’s charts… you get the idea. I have enough things going on that I don’t want to obsess about something as silly as my temperature. (MOVING for example!)

When TTC back in 2009-2010, I never temped. I used opk’s and that was it. Technically I suppose you could say that temping hasn’t been beneficial or got me anywhere since I haven’t got pregnant once since starting. Some women say BFN’s make them sad or depressed, seeing them over & over again each month. For me, its a bad chart. It’s seeing that temperature & symptoms start to go away around 9dpo each & every month. By that point, seeing the BFN has little effect on me. But that day when my boobs stop hurting kills me, because I know the inevitable outcome, regardless of what the pee stick tells me.

I want to go into my RE appointment (which is Wednesday) with a calm, open mind. This is a huge step for me & I can admit I am scared. I’m scared of what they will or will not find. I’m scared of answers I really don’t want to have. Equally as scared of no explanations as to why it seems I am the only one of my friends who is still trying to have a baby.

On a happy note, I’m really enjoying Will & Grace reruns this morning. Way better than the Olympics. blasphemy!

Baby Buys

I am all about a good deal. I don’t like paying full price for things if I can help it. Obviously this isn’t always possible, but when it is… its magic. Today, I spent $27 on the following future baby items:


waterproof pads for the co-sleeper and changing table & binkies

The binks were not on sale (sad) but my husband has been wanting to get some for the mini. The pads however were on sale. I don’t see us using a crib until later, so I thought these smaller pads were a better idea.


gowns & sleepers...


Once Upon A Child buys

These clothes were $2.50 each and two of them were 50% off. I have one mama friend who loves gowns & one who loves the sleep sacks. Manipulating snaps @ night in the dark doesn’t seem sensible to me, so I’m opting for zippers or gowns.

Our future mini already has swag and he or she hasn’t even popped out of an ovary yet. That’s pretty pimp if you ask me.

More baby buys blogs to come

Future Blog Post Ideas

** I figured I needed to write these ideas down so I could be held somewhat accountable for them **

1) castor oil pack how-to
2) my homemade dryer sheets
3) Going Green one bar of soap at a time
4) Recipes, recipes, recipes
5) Pictures of the cat (always a crowd pleaser)
6) my fertility yoga routine
7) a day in the life of a housewife
8) cleaning secrets (money savers)
9) TTC after a loss
10) Lab tests review from the expert (moi)
11) craft projects
12) product reviews
13) my growing baby product stash

I’m open to suggestions, so leave a comment below on what you’d like to see.

Breakfast on the go


I adapted this recipe from Kalyn’s Kitchen Blog to suit what I had in the fridge. I am all about using what you have around your kitchen because its a great way to not be wasteful. {See the bag of peppers & onions?}


I used 6 eggs, but you can also use 12. 6 eggs will produce 6-9 muffins. Beat your eggs, add spices (i used pepper & salt only). Chop your veggies you choose to include and layer them in the bottom on your lined cups. Green Onions are suggested, I chose onion + pepper in a thin layer. Pour your egg mixture carefully into the cups, filling them 2/3 full. Sprinkle a cheese of your choice (optional) on top of the mixture. I suggest a saltier cheese like cheddar. Feta + Spinach would also make a great combo!



Bake these bad boys at 375 degrees for 25-35 minutes until they’re puffy & golden. Let them cool, then bag them up. 2 muffins per bag is the perfect, healthy breakfast serving.


Dinner + CD16


chop em, bag em, season em

I needed a side dish for the rotisserie chicken I bought today. The heat index was 105 today so I did NOT feel like cooking. I was crampy & super fatigued all day. So I decided to keep it simple with some red skinned potato chips. I sliced 3 potatoes thin, threw them in a bag with olive oil, some garlic & herb seasoning, a little salt & parmesan cheese. Yes, that parmesan ends up showing up in every recipe!


roast em, eat em

Heat the oven to a warn 450 degrees and put them in for 15-20 minutes. Let them sit for a minute or 2 OFF of the cookie sheet when they’re done (prevents sticking). This served 2 people comfortably.

TTC update: well the doctors office never called me back! What the heck, I either have uber bad luck or these doctors in my area suck. I happen to believe its a combination of both. Granted, i got another + opk today. It was darker than yesterday… I know what to do… but the office still should have called me back since its a medicated cycle. (Thanks Kate).

*sigh* onward and upward. People have it way worse than me, so no more bellyaching.

Til next time…

CD15 + anniversary


2 years ago on this day I was having a hard time, every day was a struggle.  My world had fallen apart.  My 2 friends took me out on the town to get my mind off of my depressing life. I met my husband that night. My life was never depressing again.

Life can change in a moment’s notice. Today, I am thankful I went out on that Girls Night 2years ago. God helped me close the door on my past and He opened the door to my future.

Time has a tendency to fly by and drag on at the same time. Its a weird paradoxical phenomenon. I am surprised that 2 years later on this date I was laying (once again) on an ultrasound office table with a probe up my crotch. This time it was because we are trying to conceive. We’re trying to have a baby. Trying to get pregnant. Its hard to believe that young guy I met 2 years ago is now onboard with impregnating me. Equally as hard to believe is how difficult getting pregnant has been this time around.

Life is a mystery. Its always throwing curves, never going as you planned. But for those with faith, we need to realize its not 100% up to us.


CD15.  I had the ultrasound to check my follies today. Unfortunately, the doctor wasn’t in so the ultrasound tech wasn’t able to tell me much (you know, by “law” they aren’t supposed to say anything). I had follies, good blood flow to my ovaries, &  everything looked normal, but I have to wait for a phone call for the “results”. Lame. The tech was nice though and definitely inferred that we need to go ahead and “go for it” because unofficially it looked like I was in the process of ovulating. AKA don’t wait to hear from the doctor to knock boots. Thanks Ultrasound Lady.


CD15 opk

I had an inkling my ovulation monitor was on the fritz when I kept getting negative results and the lines were looking faint and weird ( including the control line ). So today when I peed on the stick and it was negative…I was sort of annoyed and confused because according to u/s chick, that shit should be positive. Well, I went out and bought a new box…voila.

Quickie: dinner menu

Dinner tonight is thanks to Pinterest: a blog called MMM…Cafe

Follow that link for the recipe instructions. It called Honey Sauced Chicken or Crockpot Honey Chicken. SUPER EASY.


picture from MMM...Cafe

I served this dish with a salad & long grained rice cooked in chicken broth with a little grated parmesan stirred in while cooking. The dish is Asian-inspired & moist. I chose not to cut up my boneless, skinless chicken breast tenderloins & feel this worked better. I used 5 tenderloin for 2 people. I also substituted a few drops of hot sauce for the crushed red pepper flakes.

Definitely a thumbs up from my hubby and myself. I will make this again.

Click here If you want to follow me & my recipes on My Pinterest page.

What’s For Dinner: Side Dish

I needed a vegetable, yet i wanted a starch. Cauliflower. Veggie yet potato-like, and I was craving macaroni & cheese. I found this recipe for Cauliflower Au Gratin and adapted it to what I had at home.


Before the oven

I used breadcrumbs not Panko, chicken broth instead of wine, & a mix of shredded cheddar & parmesan cheese. Frozen (thawed) cauliflower could be substituted also. It made a really yummy side dish for our steakhouse leftovers from Saturday.


Cute presentation

We ate the entire dish 🙂

Til next time, happy cooking.

CD12 & Colorado

I have to say I was very anxious going to see the new Dark Knight movie this afternoon. I had already bought our tickets on Fandango a couple days ago before I had heard the news of the shootings. I felt very eerie and unsettled once I saw the news & learned what was happening. The world can be a really twisted place to live sometimes… make the reality of having a child one day and bringing them into this madness a little frightening. I am more paranoid and cautious than your average person though.  So my thoughts go out to all those people and their families during such a tragedy.

On a TTC note, I’m CD12 and have started doing opk’s (ovulation tests). So far, they are negative, which I expected.  My u/s is still scheduled for Tuesday with the old shitty doctor, but I should know Monday morning if new doctor can squeeze me in. He was on vacation until Monday, so that’s the reason I can’t get the okay until then. Pfft, vacation. What does he think, its summer?

I’ve been slightly irritable and grumpy since stopping the Clomid. I also have slept well for the last 2 weeks. I am definitely in need of some acupuncture & zen time. There’s so much going on right now & life is busy busy with this impending move. My lovely husband is being zero help with any of it, which makes it that much harder. I’ll be glad once August is over and I can get back into my routine, my groove, & feel a little normalcy again.

Til next time…

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