Daily Blessings

Throughout this fertility journey, no matter how much life has thrown at me, I will remember my blessings & affirmations each day.

CD4, a new perspective + Stupidity!

*Cycle Day 4*

All around the day went well until about 1.5 hours ago… honestly, it really doesn’t take much to get me hot under the collar & swinging into bitch mode, but I’ll get to that later…

At 8am my OB GYN called me back to discuss my sonohysterogram V laprascopy concerns & interest in Clomid. I was shocked that he personally called and that it was such a quick turnaround. In short, he would be fine taking a less invasive approach like a sonohysterogram before a lap if that’s what I wanted. I could tell he still seemed to favor the lap.  Whatever dude, its my uterus. So I asked since it was a little late to be scheduling the procedure {plus I sort of prefer the RE or fertility clinic to perform it} if he could recommend a round or 2 of clomid. He did. So a 50mg “bitch pill” was prescribed along with an ultrasound on or around CD13. I was pleased…

A few hours later I had my first appointment with my NEW OB GYN whom I was “interviewing”.  He was a lovely man, a little soft spoken and quiet though. Maybe even a little strangely mannered. Again, in short, we discussed my current OB’s suggestions {which is only surgery}, my RE phone consults suggestions {tests, a couple procedures, meds} and then my concerns and suggestions. The new OB carefully went over my history & even asked my husband some questions. He was off work, so he got drug along. {Meniacle laugh}

His list for me, which he wrote down on a script for me to take, was repeat my TSH & Prolactin, have an HSG (he also said LAP is a last resort and wasn’t needed yet), an endometrial biopsy, post-coital test, & karyotyping on both myself and hubs.  He said he wasn’t familiar with NK Cells so he couldn’t speak on their behalf (my words).

We left the future open. I was welcome to take these suggestions to my current doctor, and he would even write him an email about it. Or I can have him take over my care. Or….I will take all the suggestions from him and the Vegas RE to the Fertility Clinic @ my appt in August. Its likely I will take the info to the Fertility Clinic since they are the experts.

So, all was fine & dandy. We got free Starbucks, got free moving boxes, & finally a free crib sheet from Kohls with the $10 off card that comes in the mail. Yes, I like FREE. Duh, who doesn’t.

Then shit started to hit the fan. I called to see if the Clomid had been called in. It hadn’t. Ok…so I call the office, schedule the CD13 ultrasound and remind them to check on that prescription since I need to start it tomorrow.


Call the pharmacy. No prescription. Eff. Call the office again to bitch & I’m told the doctor is gone already and the prescription is sitting in his box unsigned. {More swear words}. I have bad effin karma friends. Its my life, i shouldn’t have been surprised. So I’m told to call the office after hours and have him paged to call me. Stupid, but whatever, ok.  Call afterhours & am told that Dr. Mac has a strict no prescription calls policy. {Blood pressure goes up}. So I complain awhile and then complain to my husband and we decide I just have to lie in order to get him paged.

I call back, luckily its a different person.  “I called the office at 5 and was told the doctor had left and that I needed to call & have him paged. *cough….lies* I’m having cramping and bleeding. I’m 5 weeks pregnant.”  BAM, paged.

Doc calls, apologizes, says he electronically sent it in earlier & he knows I need to start it tomorrow. He’ll resend it and it will be waiting for me. I explain how his staff are incompetent. And vow to my husband and to all of you that I am done with this office after I get this script.  Please hold me to this!!!!

So today I am thankful that I am already a bitch, so the side effects of Clomid don’t have nothin’ on me!

Til next time…


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