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Throughout this fertility journey, no matter how much life has thrown at me, I will remember my blessings & affirmations each day.

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CD 9 & Where Have I Been?

Where have I been? In short: moving, getting settled, keeping sane & starting fresh. Again.

I ended up getting a BFP {big fat positive} last cycle with the Clomid. I got it on 11dpo on the day our movers came. The test/s were pretty dark too, so what happened next was a surprise. Not a good surprise.

I went to the new RE office the following day, got all my blood drawn, got scripts for a ton of meds (Progesterone, Estrogen, Lovenox, a different prenatal, Folbic, baby aspirin) & spent the whole day getting them filled. I was extremely hopeful. I didn’t have that doomed feeling / gut reaction I had with the other pregnancies.

So when the nurse called me that night with my hcg results {blood pregnancy levels} and they were a 9, I was devastated.  And confused. I didn’t see how it was possible to get such a clear line on a pregnancy test and the level come back so low. This is when the doubt crept in.

2 days later I got my repeat hcg done (and estradiol & progesterone) and it went down to 4.

I went off all the meds and my period started 4 days later. I now have a shit ton of prego meds hoarded in my house, which is awkward, yet I am glad I have them on hand now. I am / was super sad about having another loss, but I am trying to move forward from it.

As for an RE update: I’ve had all the bloodwork done & the Lupron Challenge completed. I don’t get those results until my big follow up in October. I do know some of the results & they have all been in normal range. (Minus my estradiol & progesterone being lower than normal according to my clinic’s ranges).

My Hysteroscopy, sonohysterogram, & biopsies are not scheduled until next month…which is daunting having to wait. BUT this gives me time to heal emotionally & physically, and work on ME again. The last couple weeks were a whirlwind of chaos…the pregnancy was a surprise and a blessing amidst it all…and even though it didn’t work out, we are working towards the original game plan & staying hopeful.

My day is coming… one day.


Castor Oil Packs for Fertility


Materials Needed

Castor Oil Packs were recommended to me by my acupuncturist & massage therapist months ago.  I went for another Fertility Maya Massage yesterday & my massage therapist (who I swear is a healer) always does a castor oil pack at the beginning of the session. The time to do these packs is from the time menstruation ends to ovulation begins. So you have about a week or 2 window to detox your body!

I refer to this website for more specifics: Natural Fertility Info: Castor Oil Therapy


High Grade, Cold Pressed Castor Oil

All you really need is a bottle of a high grade castor oil (found online or at a health food store), an old towel or flannel fabric, a hot water bottle or electric heating pad & some older clothes. The castor oil is quite sticky so I always use an older towel and lounging clothes.

I heat my castor oil for 15 seconds in a glass pan or in the bottle (which I KNOW isn’t the best idea). It is massaged directly onto your skin, on your lower abdomen area where your uterus & ovaries are.


I set an older towel down to protect the couch

Next, I place a plastic cover over the castor oil area to protect my clothing BUT this is totally optional! Next, place your hot bottle or pad (on high) on your lower belly. Cover this with the towel or flannel. Get comfy!


After castor oil is applied, wrap with plastic or flannel


hot pad


Cover up & relax for 45-60 minutes

A uterine massage can be done after you are done with your castor oil pack.

These packs can be done for 3-4 days in a row, then take one day off, and start again until ovulation is confirmed.

Try it & let me know what you think!

Laying Low

The last week has been a whirlwind, and it’s just the beginning. 

I’ve been packing slowly for weeks. We’ve been in process of moving since Tuesday (which is always a joy) AND I got the new doctor & 2 month gameplan for future baby. Whew! We’ve been slowly moving boxes to the new house every day, while in the back of my mind I am semi-careful not to lift heavy things “just in case.”  I’ve been in a deep cleaning psychosis at the new home today. {{ I am a self-admitted cleaning freak }}  If I don’t clean it myself, I can’t believe it’s actually clean.  If something looks clean doesn’t mean it is!  Or sanitary!  Meanwhile, my husband is attending a rigorous 2 week school, so he’s next to worthless by the time he gets home. (Shh don’t tell him I said this). 

This weekend I will be working my tushie off while keeping my mind off of all things TTC.   This is good for both my tushie and my sanity, which is constantly in a state of flux. Looking forward to time sloooooowing down a bit soon.  It flies by so quick for some aspects, yet drags painfully slow for others ❤


Til next time


First Visit To The Fertility Clinic

1) a lot of bloodwork. A LOT (like 14 tubes full)
2) Lupron Challenge starting CD2
3) sonohysterogram, hysteroscopy, endometrial biopsy & cervical/vaginal cultures
4) semen analysis for hubs + blood work
5) Reconvene Oct 9th with results & a game plan

This is the mini summary of what our game plan will be for the next couple months! I was very pleased with the clinic as a whole. The staff was friendly, educated & professional. It was a really cozy environment, which I found comforting. I got an extensive medical history done with the nurse, who was an actual nurse…not a fake medical assistant like regular doctors offices. A pelvic exam by the doc (which was normal) & he checked felt my thyroid and listened to my lungs.

My talk with the doc lasted probably an hour. A lot of it was us chatting about my past (and my shitbox ex) & he talked about his family and life also. It was a really nice bonding experience. His “bedside” manner was gentle yet he was knowledgeable. It wasn’t like what the online reviewers had written… He agreed that we need to get to the bottom of my fertility issues before throwing a bunch of medicine & procedures at me. He spoke with me at great length about egg quality and sperm quality & then implantation issues. We’ll address these issues with the tests above, plus a Recurrent Pregnancy Loss blood panel, chromosome analysis on myself & hub, plus a ton of other lab tests. I get high off lab tests… they make me randy. My insurance will cover all lab testing & procedures like the hysteroscopy, so he wanted to cover all bases. Those bases related to immune issues, ovarian reserve / egg quality, sperm quality, & Uterine/Fallopian tube health.

All in all, I went into this appointment with an open mind & heart with no preconceived ideas {which was difficult}. I was able to maintain my focus and stay calm, and I had a really good experience. Special thanks to my dear friends who are praying for me & supporting me.

So this is my first real step in my fertility journey, which started 3 years ago almost to date.  Sure, I had a break throughout this timeframe, but once I got that first BFP, my life was never the same. And never will be the same.

Today, I’m hopeful.

Baby Buys: How To Save $

I love Kohls. For those not in the U.S., Kohls is a department store with a little nicer quality goods (clothes, housewares). Nicer than Sear and Walmart. What I l love even more is the free $10 off card they send in the mail about once a month (sometimes less frequently). Now, $10 isn’t much but when you’re pre-baby buying & building up your stock pile, its great.


I got these booties for free. In past transactions, I’ve also got a crib sheet & a pack of onesies for free (not pictured). The Fuzzibuns changing pad was marked 50% off, and the clothing was a total of $4.00.  Awesome right?


There’s proof. So with the Kohl’s freebie, the total was 11 bucks for all the items. Well plus the Starbucks Very Berry Hibiscus Refresher I got afterwards…


So those expectant mommies, TTCer friends, mamas: sign up for Kohl’s emails or newsletters. Then just “junk mail” the ads & start receiving your freebie card in the mail. Its a great, guilt-free way to start your own little baby bundle.

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