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Throughout this fertility journey, no matter how much life has thrown at me, I will remember my blessings & affirmations each day.

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Going Green: One Bar of Soap at a Time

This is one of the topics from my “Future Blog Ideas” post. Some of my friends & I have been discussing the dangers of most of the beauty, household, baby products, etc that we all use on a daily basis. We’ve been sharing info, ideas, products. I believe you have to do your own research and make smart choices for yourself & your family regarding this subject.

So I’m going to do a picture review of the products I personally have switched to over the last year to go more green. I would recommend these products because they are safe, environmentally friendly & effective.

Earthwind Botanicals Herbal Clarifying Bar

Earthwind Botanicals Lip Therapy (I like Peppermint)

Earthwind Botanicals is a local business with natural, long-lasting & affordable products. I love love their facial soap.

Crystal Natural Deodorant – no parabens, no chemicals

This was one of the first products I switched after reading the insane ingredients in my previous deodorant.

Burt’s Bees Honey & Shea Conditioning Bar

Now, there are a TON of better and more pure soaps out there than Burt’s Bees, but this is the best one to get in a crunch (ie no hippie dippie store around or Farmer’s Market). It lathers great, even in hard water.

Everyday Shea Unscented Body Lotion
(I use this for my facial lotion as well)

Everyday Shea: http://www.everydayshea.com/index.asp Paraben-free, fragrance-free products. I bought this lotion about 2-3 weeks ago and love it. I tossed by cheap Suave & Oil of Olay (which was about empty anyways). I use a ton of lotion so knowing I’m not putting chemicals and fake estrogens onto my body makes me feel really great.

Good Old Fashion Witch Hazel

I’ve used Witch Hazel since Jump Street. A cotton ball & with hazel will solve about any problem. I use this to clean my face when I don’t use my bar soap. It can also be used to calm a hemorrhoid that is irritated, a bug bite, sunburn, etc. And I have used it for all of the above. It is natural and a godsend.

Almay Oil-Free Makeup Remover

Almay: Obviously not the most “earth-friendly” product out there BUT when I was starting my eco-revolution I looked up the stats (several times) on this product I’ve used for years and wasn’t too mortified! It’s a product I may use a few times a week at most, so I feel comfortable recommending it to the casual user.

Tom’s of Maine Toothpaste

Tom’s: My husband would argue their toothpaste doesn’t lather up or work as well as regular toothpaste. We’ve been using this for many many months. And I have to agree with him. still contains sodium lauryl sulfate, BUT it’s a step in the right direction.

So there are still products I use that need “switching over.” This has been a 1 year endevour and we’re slowly getting there. On my list is: shampoo & conditioner, makeup, nail polish & shaving cream.

Happy Shopping!

*For more info on the safety of these products, I suggest visiting http://www.ewg.org/skindeep*

*The reviews and opinions above are my own & not influenced by any company or person*


CD8, Hysteroscopy & Patience

So, I have 10% battery left on the laptop so I have to keep this concise.

I haven’t been around & have no valid reasons why. Just haven’t been in the “blogging” mood. I’ve dealt & moved past the last miscarriage and am looking towards the future. I had my hysterosonobiopsygram 🙂 last Wednesday. I was drugged to high heaven which was amazing. I felt nothing before, during or afterwards. I am very thankful to my RE’s office for this.

So structurally my uterus, endometrium (lining) & fallopian tubes all looked good & normal. (celebrations!) Very good news in that department. I am waiting for the culture results & the endometrial biopsy results. I assume I will get those during my BIG FOLLOW UP on October 9th. October 9th looms over my head like this weird little grey cloud…

So because my hystero was performed on CD3, I asked if we had the goahead to TTC naturally this cycle. Doc gave me the OK. My dear friend shipped me some femara (or BMF = black market femara) to use this month. Love her. So my ovaries are a’rollin and I am praying. Perhaps we will have a successful pregnancy with this medicine + the others I have to take after ovulation time… (progesterone, estrogen, lovenox) Maybe this will be OUR month.

As always, only time, luck, & patience will tell.

7% battery… So today, I am thankful for the people who have gotten me through the last month.


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