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Baby Buys: How To Save $

I love Kohls. For those not in the U.S., Kohls is a department store with a little nicer quality goods (clothes, housewares). Nicer than Sear and Walmart. What I l love even more is the free $10 off card they send in the mail about once a month (sometimes less frequently). Now, $10 isn’t much but when you’re pre-baby buying & building up your stock pile, its great.


I got these booties for free. In past transactions, I’ve also got a crib sheet & a pack of onesies for free (not pictured). The Fuzzibuns changing pad was marked 50% off, and the clothing was a total of $4.00.  Awesome right?


There’s proof. So with the Kohl’s freebie, the total was 11 bucks for all the items. Well plus the Starbucks Very Berry Hibiscus Refresher I got afterwards…


So those expectant mommies, TTCer friends, mamas: sign up for Kohl’s emails or newsletters. Then just “junk mail” the ads & start receiving your freebie card in the mail. Its a great, guilt-free way to start your own little baby bundle.


Baby Buys

I am all about a good deal. I don’t like paying full price for things if I can help it. Obviously this isn’t always possible, but when it is… its magic. Today, I spent $27 on the following future baby items:


waterproof pads for the co-sleeper and changing table & binkies

The binks were not on sale (sad) but my husband has been wanting to get some for the mini. The pads however were on sale. I don’t see us using a crib until later, so I thought these smaller pads were a better idea.


gowns & sleepers...


Once Upon A Child buys

These clothes were $2.50 each and two of them were 50% off. I have one mama friend who loves gowns & one who loves the sleep sacks. Manipulating snaps @ night in the dark doesn’t seem sensible to me, so I’m opting for zippers or gowns.

Our future mini already has swag and he or she hasn’t even popped out of an ovary yet. That’s pretty pimp if you ask me.

More baby buys blogs to come

Future Blog Post Ideas

** I figured I needed to write these ideas down so I could be held somewhat accountable for them **

1) castor oil pack how-to
2) my homemade dryer sheets
3) Going Green one bar of soap at a time
4) Recipes, recipes, recipes
5) Pictures of the cat (always a crowd pleaser)
6) my fertility yoga routine
7) a day in the life of a housewife
8) cleaning secrets (money savers)
9) TTC after a loss
10) Lab tests review from the expert (moi)
11) craft projects
12) product reviews
13) my growing baby product stash

I’m open to suggestions, so leave a comment below on what you’d like to see.

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