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Throughout this fertility journey, no matter how much life has thrown at me, I will remember my blessings & affirmations each day.

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Beautiful Moments

I’m sitting here on the couch drinking my hot tea. My castor oil pack is warming my tummy. I just came from a bath with some olive oil & baking soda, which helped soothe my dry skin. Sometimes I take a step back and wonder if all this is worth it? By now, my fertility tea, the castor oil, acupuncture, the maya massage, no caffeine, drinking only filtered water out of glass, wearing slippers when its cold (the list goes on) has all become such habit, such a part of everyday life that I tend to forget it all started with TTC. TTC has made me a much healthier, conscious person, if nothing else.

A friend of mine experienced a natural birth with her 3rd baby 3 weeks ago. I’ve been patiently awaiting the pictures or a video from the birth, since she hired a birth photographer. I was taken aback when, tonight, I saw her slideshow from her experience. I was brought to tears & immediately felt refreshed. In an instant, all the stress I had been dealing with today seemed to melt away. It became unimportant. I felt a closeness to my friend that I hadn’t felt before. As a woman, I felt proud and powerful. As a fellow ttc’er, I felt inspired and humbled. I felt connected.

I can’t say if I’ll have a natural birth, an epidural, be induced, or a c-section. I’d like to think I have the determination and power inside of me to have a natural birth. I think when you’ve fought for something for so many years, that you gain a certain wisdom and strength that not everybody has. The fire inside of me got ignited a little tonight.

So when I have these moments where I wonder, ‘is this all going to be worth it?’ I’m reassured that it will be. It’ll be worth every moment… God willing.


Rolling Right Along

This week sure has been a stressful one, but thankfully tomorrow is Sunday & the start of a new week.

I’ve been trying to eat better. I was doing really good about my healthy food choices, but this week it all went to hell. Despite being on birth control, I am fairly certain I did ovulate and am in my fake 2WW… thus the cravings and all-around grumpiness. Those low-dose BCP’s never have been strong enough to stop my ovaries from churning out eggs.

So after stuffing my face with sushi & ice cream this evening (it was actually only a little ice cream), I decided I needed to do a castor oil pack AND a detox bath. Sure, its mainly for fertility reasons, but if some of that salty sweetness I shoved in my face detoxes out, I won’t complain. What is making me sad is that my heating pad I use for the castor oil packs appears to be dying a slow death. And my favorite hot water bottle has also kicked the bucket! I think it has a hole in it somewhere. So sad. Any woman knows the hot water bottle is a miracle healer. I always said if the house was on fire, I would grab the hot water bottle.

I stop my birth control pills on Feb 4th, which is now only 2 1/2 weeks away, so I’m rolling right along.


News, news, news: CD5, lovely AF is on her way out of the building, which means this is my last day of the fish food!  My DH went and got his SA done on Friday (thank you Jesus), so FX the results are given to us on Monday. Starting tomorrow, I’ll be doing the castor oil packs recommend by my acupuncturist. I’m excited about this for several reasons. 1) its holistic and isn’t going to harm my body 2) its easy & cheap 3) I think its really going to help. Here’s a link to a YouTube video on castor oil packs:

Castor Oil Packs Video

On a side note, I’m thankful its a bright & sunny (warm too) day. Unfortunately, with my DH zonked out still because of his eye surgery meds, we aren’t enjoying it much :/

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