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Throughout this fertility journey, no matter how much life has thrown at me, I will remember my blessings & affirmations each day.

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A Quick Update

CD1 (cycle day 1) has finally arrived. For those non-TTCers, that means my lovely period has started and a new cycle has begun. This month will be sans thermometer, opk’s, acupuncture, and herbs. I will be taking my Reishi twice a day to keep my immune system in check. For more info on Reishi and its benefits, see this link: Reishi Mushroom benefits

I also stumbled upon some information that Reishi acts as a natural substitution for immune suppressing meds like Prednisone. **remember, I am not a doctor, these are just personal findings & things I feel work for me**  So, I’m excited to start a new self-medicated protocol maybe in July, maybe in June…. we’ll see. I will keep you posted.

A summary of the “protocol” I’m referring to is a certain California doctor’s medical protocol for IVF patients will implantation failure issues. I’ll link his blog below.

1) 81mg aspirin per day beginning at the start of cycle
2) heparin 2000 units 2x day beginning at the start of cycle
3) medrol (which is a prednisone-like med) 16mg daily until transfer then 8mg from that point until positive pregnancy, then stop
4) increase progesterone to 50mg injection plus Endometrin 100mg 2x day vaginally. Start injections the day of retrieval & the suppositories start the day after transfer.

He states that this regimen will cover most immune responses that may prevent implantation.

Now I know I am not doing IVF, but I do have immune & clotting issues. So using baby aspirin & aspirin, progesterone cream, and Reishi as a substitution for Medrol, I am going to try to follow this protocol as a personal experiment. Wish me luck!

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I started my Phase 1 Jade Moon herbs today. I use them from cycle day 1 (when my period begins) until my period is over. It comes in a little bottle with an  eyedropper. It tastes like liquid sh@*

I tried my first dosage (1 1/2 dropper full, 2x a day) today in my breakfast smoothie. Meh, it didn’t taste great but it was definitely tolerable.  Round two went into a cup of decaf green tea. This was a massive FAIL. I managed to drink it all but it was rough. My DH says all these herbal supplements smell like fish food…..and he is right. I sort of have a new found respect for fish.

Here is the link to the website I get my herbs: Crane Herb Company

So today I am thankful my AF typically lasts only 5 days.

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