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Throughout this fertility journey, no matter how much life has thrown at me, I will remember my blessings & affirmations each day.

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Disney & CD10


So far, December has been flying by. Emotionally, this month started off a little rocky. Holidays & TTC don’t always mesh together well. But I’ve been pushing forward, keeping myself occupied, & most of all, looking forward to a vacation.
We weren’t going to decorate or put up a tree since we would be out of town for most of the holidays. That all changed. I know my husband seemed to be having a hard time being away from his family this Christmas, so I decided we need a little cheer. I felt energized as I decorated our home, and found some joy myself.

spoiled pets

spoiled pets

You notice that we don’t have stockings this year, only the pets do! Hubs & I both decided not to spoil each other this season, but rather to enjoy ourselves on vacation. He has 2 gifts from me under the tree & there are 5 for me! Maybe I’m the spoiled one 😉

On a TTC note, I am already CD10. I’m not sure what this month will bring for us, but I’m keeping my expectations low. I’m trying not to have preconceived ideas of what should happen, but rather enjoy the time my husband & I have together. At my RE appointment tomorrow, I have a couple questions to discuss with Doc & am praying it goes well. Again, it’s hard to believe that it’s been nearly 3 years since I lost my first pregnancy. Next time, I hope my body will have learned how to stay pregnant. Here’s hoping for a Christmas miracle.

Til next time…


CD10: The Last Straw Morning Phone Call

My phone rings at 8:30am while I’m in my bathroom sleepily starting my morning routine (aka going pee). I see its a local number, so I know its not a spam call. Its a receptionist at my OB’s office. Hmm, perhaps they’re checking up on me with the Clomid, apologizing for being such incompetent & rude staff members, or reminding me of my ultrasound on Monday. I bet its the reminder call.

It’s not.

The doctors are both out of the office on Monday (CD14) so she needs to see if we can reschedule my u/s for Tuesday (CD15) since she “knows I need it on CD14.” (This is what goes through my head) “Well, first off Melissa, its is supposed to be a CD13 scan, but since this is not a fetility clinic and you’re not open on Sundays, I chose Monday CD14. So CD15 is actually 2 days later than what the doctor himself instructed me to do.” Idiots.

What I said was I already had plans Tuesday afternoon, but she can put me down for the appt. BUT I will have to call her to see if I can keep it. Oh, and its a CD13 scan.

DONE. last straw.

I immediately call the new OB / GYN office & tell them I would like to switch my care over to them. I explain the situation about the Clomid and monitoring issues and she says she’s sure they can fit me in, but she will talk to the nurse & call me back.

So this is where I stand. I remind myself that everything happens for a reason. Soon I may be breaking up with my doctor via telephone. I guess its better than text or Facebook.

Stay tuned.

Staying Positive

Last night while waiting for my DH to get home from work,I was watching some natural home births on YouTube. I found myself on more than one occasion saying, “Oh shit!”  That being said, I’ve become fascinated and really interested in natural childbirth ever since 2 my friends started reading a lot of childbirth books. (Some of these books are listed under my Recommendations tab on my homepage).  So I randomly text one of these friends after watching this particular video saying the “oh shit” comment to her. I get the best reply back from her: Speaking of oh shit…. [insert positive pregnancy test pic].  Talk about some good timing! She had just POAS as I text her….

So moral of this silly story is this: I’ve had 3 good TTCer friends become pregger in about a weeks span. This means God is good and He does hear prayers. Maybe my time isn’t exactly here yet, but its coming. Maybe our baby is waiting to come into our lives only when he or she feels the time is perfect.

Its so easy to get thrown off the path and lose your peace, strength, hope, positivity at the drop of a hat. Its easy to feel down when others gets their miracles and you don’t.  But negative thoughts and self doubts lead nowhere good. Give good karma and you’ll reap good karma.xx


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