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Throughout this fertility journey, no matter how much life has thrown at me, I will remember my blessings & affirmations each day.

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CD3, RE phone consult, & the cat

Our cat has already broke 1 cable box. Its only a matter of time before her fat butt fries this one too.


So I had my phone consult with a Las Vegas RE today. I’d say it went well, was informative, & got me motivated. So motivated that I made my very first RE appointment at a fertility clinic in our nearest large city. FINALLY.

The RE doc disagrees that a LAP (laprascopy) is needed. He suggested a sonohysterogram instead. Since I have had 2 pregnancy + 1 chemical pregnancy the likelihood of my tubes being an issue are pretty slim. I tend to agree. He gave me a few tests he suggested performing, including NK cells (natural killer cell activity), karyotyping on myself & husband (looks for genetic issues), repeating my TSH & Prolactin levels (since they were a little high on his scale), plus a few more. Again, I was totally seeing eye to eye. 

Doc was onboard with starting Lovenox at the first positive pregnancy test also, especially due to my PAI-1 mutation. Plasminogen Acitvator Inhibitor relates to forming blood clots easier. I’m on aspirin now for multiple clotting issues. He did not, however, really feel like immune or autoimmune issues + implantation issues played a big role. This surprised me. Again, there is no way to ever know 100% what is and was the cause of my losses and fertility issues. But he offered up safe & easy resolutions to most all of the issues. This was reassuring to me.

A few rounds of Clomid to help with egg quality was brought up: naturally then if that doesn’t work, maybe an IUI or two. Because he said my husbands semen analysis was so good, an IUI isn’t exactly something we need. But I am becoming more open to it.

Tomorrow, I meet with the new OB GYN to get his insights, opinions, etc. Basically I am interviewing him and his office staff to get a feel for them… I am less than thrilled with the staff at my current office. I did call & leave a message regarding his thoughts on doing the sonohysterogram instead of the LAP… so we’ll see how long it takes to get a call back. Any guesses?? I say Monday. {Bangs head on wall}.

So until next time…

Info on sonohysterogram

Info of PAI-1 mutations


CD3 & alone time

With my better half out of town for 2 weeks, the first thing I did (and always do) is get groceries and make a nice dinner for myself. My hubs doesn’t always like the things I eat, so I tend to cook food he prefers. Tonight I made chicken-wrapped arugala & goat cheese, couscous & a small salad.


See the link to the recipe below

I am no food photographer, but trust me on this… it was delicious. But now I’m regretting not getting any chocolate or sweets since AF (aunt flow) is still here and messing with my lady cravings. So yes, I am CD3 and my thermometer is hiding in my drawer where it will remain this month. I’m taking my NeevoDHA, aspirin & Reishi only. I feel good about it…..thus far.

I’m going to enjoy reruns of  ‘Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ & snag a cookie from the freezer.

Recipe link


Today, I’m thankful my husband can see.  He had PRK yesterday, which is like LASIK, and I was a nervous Nancy. More nervous than him I think… but when he walked out of the little room and wasn’t blind, I let out a sigh of relief. I know its impractical to think he would be blind from a relatively simple procedure, but that still didn’t ease my fear.

So now he’s enjoying a few days off from work & I’m more than happy to have him home. I can’t imagine life without my glasses….but honestly….I’m fine with that!


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