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Throughout this fertility journey, no matter how much life has thrown at me, I will remember my blessings & affirmations each day.

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CD5-7 & furbabies

On Cycle Day 5 AF is slowly tapering off. I had to take my precious furbaby to the vet. The last time she got really sick, I was pregnant (and didn’t know until that evening). That fact was running through my head, along with other worries, as I let her bury her face in me on the vet table.

I knew it wasn't anything serious, but it's still hard seeing your pet scared. We walked away from the office with 3 pills & a bandaid (mine) from her scratching the shit out of me lol. What's most important is we're both going to be fine.

"Furbaby" is a fairly new term I learned when I began this TTC journey. I've been watching the Sher Institute "I Believe" videos this week & that term is in almost all of them.
One thing most all infertile (I hate that word) couples have in common is their pets act as their children. Most of us love them with all our hearts. They are an integral part of our family & we'd be lost without them. But as much as I love my cat who has been with me for 7 years, I know I have more love to give. Different love.

Check out the videos because voting begins on December 11th. These couples have put their vulnerable stories out there to receive the awesome reward of a free IVF cycle from Sher. I have no idea if I'll vote, but watching other couple's stories really breaks by heart & gives me hope at the same time. It's a strange yet familiar feeling… but that's what TTC is all about.

Friday, CD6 and AF decided to stick around for an additional day. Albeit light, my AF doesn not usually last this long. I contribute it to the lovenox + the hormones associated with the last cycle. I have to say that something got me in the Christmas spirit today. When I got home in the afternoon, I decorated the house finally. I also cleaned like a maniac!
I think where it started was… I own my own small craft business & was dropping off a final shipment to someone. We ended up talking openly about both of our fertility journeys. I found out that she too went through treatments 17 years ago. But she had chose a different route ultimately & adopted her 3 children. I had no idea! I guess when you let your guard down a bit with people who you trust, you find out that they are not so unlike yourself. She assured me to stop worrying, that God always had a plan for us. And that I was still young 😉 Also, one of my bff’s got her 2nd beta yesterday and it was so high! She has been through the ringer with infertility & her success gives me continued hope.

Saturday has just begun and *fingers crosses* the B is finally gone. My husband and I are going to get a small Christmas tree today. I guess its sort of silly, since in a week we will be on vacation. But I feel like we need a little holly jolly up in the house, since it’s been rather gloomy lately.

Til next time…


Elephants & Donkeys

My husband loves Fox News. I do not love Fox News. He argues that Fox news is not Republican news. He’s clearly in denial. I am not a super political person, as I take no joy in arguing and being yelled at by people with strong political opinions. Opinions, of course, meaning the truth lol. I am not left-wing. I am not right-wing. I refer to myself as a Republicat, mainly to irk my husband and those around me. (That’s a Democrat + Republican hybrid). I have the uncanny ability to see and identify with all sides of the issues. I feel like I can put myself in everyone’s shoes and see everyone’s view point. Thus why I am not a good political debating buddy.

I’m sure I am not the only person with this issue at home. I want to yell, “Stop raising my blood pressure!” Can’t we all just hug, be fair & use common sense? {{Hugs a tree}}

Today, I am thankful for Clomid, because its side effects are miniscule compared to Fox News & Bill O’Reilly.

***disclaimer*** I love Republicans. I married one.

The Fun Week

I’m currently CD7, thus beginning the week of fun (as I refer to it because of all the nookie that will ensue). AF is over and the hormones are not making me lose my mind, so all should be well in the universe, right? But why don’t I feel like myself?

I’ve received wonderful news this week that 2 of my fellow TTCers are pregnant! These girls have been through the ringer, suffered multiple losses, have been trying for years.  Their news warms my heart & reminds me to keep pushing towards the goal. Because it is attainable.  I’m reminded by my newly prego friend to remember that ‘patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.’  Perhaps I need to write this down and post it on my bedroom wall…

So, once again it remains a struggle to remain in that Zen, peaceful state of mind. But I can’t give up even though I’m feeling slightly defeated and tired of this process today. When the rain started to fall this afternoon, the sound was calming. Its reminded me a fresh beginning. A mini one.

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