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Throughout this fertility journey, no matter how much life has thrown at me, I will remember my blessings & affirmations each day.

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CD12 & Colorado

I have to say I was very anxious going to see the new Dark Knight movie this afternoon. I had already bought our tickets on Fandango a couple days ago before I had heard the news of the shootings. I felt very eerie and unsettled once I saw the news & learned what was happening. The world can be a really twisted place to live sometimes… make the reality of having a child one day and bringing them into this madness a little frightening. I am more paranoid and cautious than your average person though.  So my thoughts go out to all those people and their families during such a tragedy.

On a TTC note, I’m CD12 and have started doing opk’s (ovulation tests). So far, they are negative, which I expected.  My u/s is still scheduled for Tuesday with the old shitty doctor, but I should know Monday morning if new doctor can squeeze me in. He was on vacation until Monday, so that’s the reason I can’t get the okay until then. Pfft, vacation. What does he think, its summer?

I’ve been slightly irritable and grumpy since stopping the Clomid. I also have slept well for the last 2 weeks. I am definitely in need of some acupuncture & zen time. There’s so much going on right now & life is busy busy with this impending move. My lovely husband is being zero help with any of it, which makes it that much harder. I’ll be glad once August is over and I can get back into my routine, my groove, & feel a little normalcy again.

Til next time…


CD10: The Last Straw Morning Phone Call

My phone rings at 8:30am while I’m in my bathroom sleepily starting my morning routine (aka going pee). I see its a local number, so I know its not a spam call. Its a receptionist at my OB’s office. Hmm, perhaps they’re checking up on me with the Clomid, apologizing for being such incompetent & rude staff members, or reminding me of my ultrasound on Monday. I bet its the reminder call.

It’s not.

The doctors are both out of the office on Monday (CD14) so she needs to see if we can reschedule my u/s for Tuesday (CD15) since she “knows I need it on CD14.” (This is what goes through my head) “Well, first off Melissa, its is supposed to be a CD13 scan, but since this is not a fetility clinic and you’re not open on Sundays, I chose Monday CD14. So CD15 is actually 2 days later than what the doctor himself instructed me to do.” Idiots.

What I said was I already had plans Tuesday afternoon, but she can put me down for the appt. BUT I will have to call her to see if I can keep it. Oh, and its a CD13 scan.

DONE. last straw.

I immediately call the new OB / GYN office & tell them I would like to switch my care over to them. I explain the situation about the Clomid and monitoring issues and she says she’s sure they can fit me in, but she will talk to the nurse & call me back.

So this is where I stand. I remind myself that everything happens for a reason. Soon I may be breaking up with my doctor via telephone. I guess its better than text or Facebook.

Stay tuned.

C is for Cupcake

My friend posted this picture on my Facebook wall because it reminded her of me. I’m not really sure where the “cupcake” nickname or obsession started, honestly. All I know is cupcakes are so delicious, cute, and are always the perfect size. Silly cupcake pictures & angry cartoon cupcakes also make me extremely happy.


Hey back!

This has nothing to do with anything, but it made me smile. Today, I’m thankful for cupcakes.

On a TTC note, I’m CD6 & on day 2 of clomid. I got a bit dizzy/lightheaded and nauseous a couple hours after I took it today, but as soon as I ate dinner all was well. I was a baaaaad girl today and had a burger {well half a burger}, fries & ice cream. OINK. I am back on the bandwagon starting tomorrow. All that traveling threw my healthy eating habits for a loop, and they haven’t fully recovered. And this is not how I want to be eating while TTC. Good nutrition is so important for mom and baby.

CD4, a new perspective + Stupidity!

*Cycle Day 4*

All around the day went well until about 1.5 hours ago… honestly, it really doesn’t take much to get me hot under the collar & swinging into bitch mode, but I’ll get to that later…

At 8am my OB GYN called me back to discuss my sonohysterogram V laprascopy concerns & interest in Clomid. I was shocked that he personally called and that it was such a quick turnaround. In short, he would be fine taking a less invasive approach like a sonohysterogram before a lap if that’s what I wanted. I could tell he still seemed to favor the lap.  Whatever dude, its my uterus. So I asked since it was a little late to be scheduling the procedure {plus I sort of prefer the RE or fertility clinic to perform it} if he could recommend a round or 2 of clomid. He did. So a 50mg “bitch pill” was prescribed along with an ultrasound on or around CD13. I was pleased…

A few hours later I had my first appointment with my NEW OB GYN whom I was “interviewing”.  He was a lovely man, a little soft spoken and quiet though. Maybe even a little strangely mannered. Again, in short, we discussed my current OB’s suggestions {which is only surgery}, my RE phone consults suggestions {tests, a couple procedures, meds} and then my concerns and suggestions. The new OB carefully went over my history & even asked my husband some questions. He was off work, so he got drug along. {Meniacle laugh}

His list for me, which he wrote down on a script for me to take, was repeat my TSH & Prolactin, have an HSG (he also said LAP is a last resort and wasn’t needed yet), an endometrial biopsy, post-coital test, & karyotyping on both myself and hubs.  He said he wasn’t familiar with NK Cells so he couldn’t speak on their behalf (my words).

We left the future open. I was welcome to take these suggestions to my current doctor, and he would even write him an email about it. Or I can have him take over my care. Or….I will take all the suggestions from him and the Vegas RE to the Fertility Clinic @ my appt in August. Its likely I will take the info to the Fertility Clinic since they are the experts.

So, all was fine & dandy. We got free Starbucks, got free moving boxes, & finally a free crib sheet from Kohls with the $10 off card that comes in the mail. Yes, I like FREE. Duh, who doesn’t.

Then shit started to hit the fan. I called to see if the Clomid had been called in. It hadn’t. Ok…so I call the office, schedule the CD13 ultrasound and remind them to check on that prescription since I need to start it tomorrow.


Call the pharmacy. No prescription. Eff. Call the office again to bitch & I’m told the doctor is gone already and the prescription is sitting in his box unsigned. {More swear words}. I have bad effin karma friends. Its my life, i shouldn’t have been surprised. So I’m told to call the office after hours and have him paged to call me. Stupid, but whatever, ok.  Call afterhours & am told that Dr. Mac has a strict no prescription calls policy. {Blood pressure goes up}. So I complain awhile and then complain to my husband and we decide I just have to lie in order to get him paged.

I call back, luckily its a different person.  “I called the office at 5 and was told the doctor had left and that I needed to call & have him paged. *cough….lies* I’m having cramping and bleeding. I’m 5 weeks pregnant.”  BAM, paged.

Doc calls, apologizes, says he electronically sent it in earlier & he knows I need to start it tomorrow. He’ll resend it and it will be waiting for me. I explain how his staff are incompetent. And vow to my husband and to all of you that I am done with this office after I get this script.  Please hold me to this!!!!

So today I am thankful that I am already a bitch, so the side effects of Clomid don’t have nothin’ on me!

Til next time…

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