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Throughout this fertility journey, no matter how much life has thrown at me, I will remember my blessings & affirmations each day.

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CD8, Hysteroscopy & Patience

So, I have 10% battery left on the laptop so I have to keep this concise.

I haven’t been around & have no valid reasons why. Just haven’t been in the “blogging” mood. I’ve dealt & moved past the last miscarriage and am looking towards the future. I had my hysterosonobiopsygram 🙂 last Wednesday. I was drugged to high heaven which was amazing. I felt nothing before, during or afterwards. I am very thankful to my RE’s office for this.

So structurally my uterus, endometrium (lining) & fallopian tubes all looked good & normal. (celebrations!) Very good news in that department. I am waiting for the culture results & the endometrial biopsy results. I assume I will get those during my BIG FOLLOW UP on October 9th. October 9th looms over my head like this weird little grey cloud…

So because my hystero was performed on CD3, I asked if we had the goahead to TTC naturally this cycle. Doc gave me the OK. My dear friend shipped me some femara (or BMF = black market femara) to use this month. Love her. So my ovaries are a’rollin and I am praying. Perhaps we will have a successful pregnancy with this medicine + the others I have to take after ovulation time… (progesterone, estrogen, lovenox) Maybe this will be OUR month.

As always, only time, luck, & patience will tell.

7% battery… So today, I am thankful for the people who have gotten me through the last month.



Dinner + CD16


chop em, bag em, season em

I needed a side dish for the rotisserie chicken I bought today. The heat index was 105 today so I did NOT feel like cooking. I was crampy & super fatigued all day. So I decided to keep it simple with some red skinned potato chips. I sliced 3 potatoes thin, threw them in a bag with olive oil, some garlic & herb seasoning, a little salt & parmesan cheese. Yes, that parmesan ends up showing up in every recipe!


roast em, eat em

Heat the oven to a warn 450 degrees and put them in for 15-20 minutes. Let them sit for a minute or 2 OFF of the cookie sheet when they’re done (prevents sticking). This served 2 people comfortably.

TTC update: well the doctors office never called me back! What the heck, I either have uber bad luck or these doctors in my area suck. I happen to believe its a combination of both. Granted, i got another + opk today. It was darker than yesterday… I know what to do… but the office still should have called me back since its a medicated cycle. (Thanks Kate).

*sigh* onward and upward. People have it way worse than me, so no more bellyaching.

Til next time…

CD15 + anniversary


2 years ago on this day I was having a hard time, every day was a struggle.  My world had fallen apart.  My 2 friends took me out on the town to get my mind off of my depressing life. I met my husband that night. My life was never depressing again.

Life can change in a moment’s notice. Today, I am thankful I went out on that Girls Night 2years ago. God helped me close the door on my past and He opened the door to my future.

Time has a tendency to fly by and drag on at the same time. Its a weird paradoxical phenomenon. I am surprised that 2 years later on this date I was laying (once again) on an ultrasound office table with a probe up my crotch. This time it was because we are trying to conceive. We’re trying to have a baby. Trying to get pregnant. Its hard to believe that young guy I met 2 years ago is now onboard with impregnating me. Equally as hard to believe is how difficult getting pregnant has been this time around.

Life is a mystery. Its always throwing curves, never going as you planned. But for those with faith, we need to realize its not 100% up to us.


CD15.  I had the ultrasound to check my follies today. Unfortunately, the doctor wasn’t in so the ultrasound tech wasn’t able to tell me much (you know, by “law” they aren’t supposed to say anything). I had follies, good blood flow to my ovaries, &  everything looked normal, but I have to wait for a phone call for the “results”. Lame. The tech was nice though and definitely inferred that we need to go ahead and “go for it” because unofficially it looked like I was in the process of ovulating. AKA don’t wait to hear from the doctor to knock boots. Thanks Ultrasound Lady.


CD15 opk

I had an inkling my ovulation monitor was on the fritz when I kept getting negative results and the lines were looking faint and weird ( including the control line ). So today when I peed on the stick and it was negative…I was sort of annoyed and confused because according to u/s chick, that shit should be positive. Well, I went out and bought a new box…voila.

CD18: a quick TTC update

I’d like to start with my daily blessing I am thankful for. Today, I am thankful for the lovely weather. Its warm, sunny with a breeze. I’m thankful today because the rest of the week its supposed to be over 100 degrees. Holy hades fire.

So onto TTC. I’m CD18 and believe I am 2dpo or round about there. Crossing my fingers (aka hoping and praying for a miracle). I posted a blog around CD1 on an IVF implantation failure protocol that I wanted to try to replicate naturally. I’ve upped by dose of Reishi to 3 pills a day now & will start my Progesterone cream once I am sure I did ovulate. I’m hoping this, along with my aspirin, is enough to keep my body and immune system in check. I’m feeling good, calm. I’ve started some fertility yoga as well. Legs Up The Wall {sounds dirty} is my favorite pose. It alleviates lower back pain and increases blood flow to the uterus. Double bonus. I’ve also been downing a ton of water, which in turn {TMI} has made my CM more plentiful! Isn’t being a woman fun???


CD 6… one week til ovulation?

That’s the million dollar question, isn’t it? Please God, don’t let this cycle be like last cycle… Luckily, since I am not temping, I am super relaxed this month. I’ve been keeping myself occupied yesterday & today finally working on a scrapbook for my dh & I. This has been a work in progress {aka a box full of random crap} since I met my husband 2 years ago. This is actually my first ever scrapbook! I am a very crafty person, so its no big deal for me to create it. I only wish scrapbook supplies weren’t so pricey. Its a good thing Hobby Lobby has a sale everyday 🙂

A friend asked me how my husband & I met yesterday afternoon, which sparked some schmoopiness and reminiscing on my part as I told the story, which then led to the urge to start the infamous scrapbook!

So today I am thankful for my husband. His distance from me is indeed making my heart grow fonder.  Who knew? That coupled with the fact that my insane PMS hormones have passed.




I am in desperate need to revisit my mantras.

Things are not exactly going as I had planned this cycle. “Planned” isn’t exactly even the correct word….not going normally. Nothing about this cycle is typical as compared to basically every cycle I’ve had. I’m CD21 now and still haven’t confirmed ovulation. My signs & symptoms looked great – I even thought I was going to O early this month. I had 2 rounds of +opks [one group is pictured in a previous post], but still no distinct temp rise. 

Well, today I want to tell FF and my BBT to suck it.  Hopefully they will not be offended & will understand my annoyance and  disappointment. We can all regroup for my June cycle and make-up then.

Waiting to O…

I’ve been having a lot of highs and lows this cycle. More lows than anything. I’m ovulating really late in my cycle this time, which hasn’t happened in about a year. I also had some faker out + looking opk’s last weekend, but then my body did not ovulate. So here we are, a week later, a week wiser. FX (fingers crossed) today is really o-day. Here’s my opk progression from CD16 (top) until CD18 (bottom, today).


Sit Back & Relax

This will be our 8th cycle, 2nd official, TTC this time around. Its been almost 2 years to date since my 2nd loss. This cycle thus far i am feeling surprisingly relaxed and calm. I made all my preparations last month. Doctors, medicines, herbs, blah blah. So today I am hopeful and I WILL succeed.

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