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Castor Oil Packs for Fertility


Materials Needed

Castor Oil Packs were recommended to me by my acupuncturist & massage therapist months ago.  I went for another Fertility Maya Massage yesterday & my massage therapist (who I swear is a healer) always does a castor oil pack at the beginning of the session. The time to do these packs is from the time menstruation ends to ovulation begins. So you have about a week or 2 window to detox your body!

I refer to this website for more specifics: Natural Fertility Info: Castor Oil Therapy


High Grade, Cold Pressed Castor Oil

All you really need is a bottle of a high grade castor oil (found online or at a health food store), an old towel or flannel fabric, a hot water bottle or electric heating pad & some older clothes. The castor oil is quite sticky so I always use an older towel and lounging clothes.

I heat my castor oil for 15 seconds in a glass pan or in the bottle (which I KNOW isn’t the best idea). It is massaged directly onto your skin, on your lower abdomen area where your uterus & ovaries are.


I set an older towel down to protect the couch

Next, I place a plastic cover over the castor oil area to protect my clothing BUT this is totally optional! Next, place your hot bottle or pad (on high) on your lower belly. Cover this with the towel or flannel. Get comfy!


After castor oil is applied, wrap with plastic or flannel


hot pad


Cover up & relax for 45-60 minutes

A uterine massage can be done after you are done with your castor oil pack.

These packs can be done for 3-4 days in a row, then take one day off, and start again until ovulation is confirmed.

Try it & let me know what you think!


Maya Massage + Whole Foods Ritual

I had my fertility massage today. It was more than I expected & really loved it, not to mention learned a lot. My massage therapist did a castor oil pack on my stomach (which stayed there about an hour) while she did massage, Acupressure, & reflexology on the rest of my body that was focused towards fertility. The cranial, shoulder and back massages were the best. She used different essential oils during the session, which was relaxing. There were certain acupressure and reflexology points that were uncomfortable and actually hurt a bit. The point in my feet for the uterus, adrenal glands and something else were really tender.
The actual uterus massage came next once the castor oil pack was done. To say it was relaxing would be false. For me personally, it was uncomfortable. The right side of my uterus she discovered was tipped forward and pinched a bit. The whole ute was basically shifted to the right side. She taught me to do the self massage, so I then could feel the more prominent side….it just felt weird. Its hard to explain other than during the massage, the right side felt sensitive and bruised, tender. I have circulation issues on the right side of my body anyways, so I guess this made sense. It also helped explain the extreme lower back pain I get and got when I was pregnant before. Now remember, I am not a doctor, nor is my massage chick. So yes, I am aware that other things may be occurring on my insides beside a tilty, smashed uterus. 


the aftermath...

Its tradition for me to visit Whole Foods after a visit to the city. So here’s my “cooking” picture of the day. Its actually the aftermath picture! I LOVE the Whole Foods salad bar. I always feel refreshed and amazing after I snark down a box of goodness.


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